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 [08.01.2013] Note System

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PostSubject: [08.01.2013] Note System   [08.01.2013] Note System Icon_minitimeTue Jan 08, 2013 11:43 pm

Note System
At different stores the player can buy note papers. Those papers can be used to write things down, like a phone number, a name, location, could be anything. When something is written on it, it can be given to another player to send kind of secret messages, or it could be placed somewhere to send a message to your girlfriend telling her to buy more milk. All the players near a placed note can read it, but only the player holding the note inside the inventory can read the note. There will also be a function to view the note to other players, meaning they will see the note, but can't take it.
We probably have to make a system to avoid too many notes laying around places, either by deleting them after a certain period of time, or have a limit for the player.


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[08.01.2013] Note System
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