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 [20.01.2013] Vehicle Renting Center

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PostSubject: [20.01.2013] Vehicle Renting Center   [20.01.2013] Vehicle Renting Center Icon_minitimeMon Jan 21, 2013 12:31 am

Vehicle Renting Center
There will be located a vehicle renting center somewhere in Los Santos, probably near the Unity Station. You can go here to rent a vehicle, the vehicles you can select between won't be really amazing though, it will be pretty much a basic vehicle. All the vehicles you can rent from the vehicle renting center is going to have all the features from a normal vehicles, as you would get if you bought it from the car dealer. The only thing that is changed is that you will only get one key, and it's not possible duplicated by going to the locksmith. When you want to rent a vehicle, you first have to go through the rules for renting a vehicle (don't worry, it won't be a lot, perhaps), you select the vehicle and sign a contract for 24 hours (paydays). If the vehicle is parked illegally the police department may impound the vehicle into the department and the player has to pay the impound fee to get the vehicle pack.

Additional Information
There will be different renting prices depending on the vehicle you select, and you have to be responsible for the fuel. You will pay every hour for renting the vehicle, also the hour you return the vehicle will be given full price. All vehicles are fully fueled, and when you return it, you will automatically be charged from your bank account to fill up the vehicle again. If you manage to damage the vehicle, you pay a fine that is defined by how big the damages are. If the vehicle for any reasons should be dumped in the water or be in another way destroyed, the player will pay a larger fine for not taking good enough care of it, and the vehicle will respawn (OOCly). The license plate will be something like "R12J-X5", the "R" letter at the beginning will indicate this car is being a rental vehicle which helps the police identify the vehicles.

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[20.01.2013] Vehicle Renting Center
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